Why Buy A Shih Tzu Puppy From Us?

Choosing a Shih Tzu breeder is a difficult, confusing, and basically scary task.

From us, you can expect:

  • Unparalleled professionalism.  We both come from the professional world.
  • Social Media Presence. Take a look at our Facebook page, or the one for our Boxers at https://www.facebook.com/NorthViewBoxers/
  • “ID VERIFIED” by  NextDayPets.com, a lengthy process that ensures you’re dealing with a real human being. . . and not a scammer scumbag.
  • A Microchip number before you buy. . . so you know the puppy you chose is the puppy you take home.  Chip numbers are listed on individual puppy pages after they are put in that puppy.  Be sure to demand this of any breeder you may buy from.
  • Easy-to-potty train puppies. Our pups never see the inside of a “kennel cage”, and by cage we mean the kind where there are ten, twenty, fifty, or more cages all lined up and probably stacked in an outbuilding. Ever had a friend who literally COULD NOT train a dog to not go in the house? You can bet that that animal was raised pooping in the corner of a cage, right next to where its food and water were located. We “pre” crate-train your pup. After they’ve been nursing for four or more weeks in a whelping box with their mommas, we move the puppies to the kitchen. We let the pups outside four to five times a day, until their new family takes them home. For us, this is by far the most difficult path to take, but the rewards for the prospective buyer are enormous, and the pups enjoy the outdoors. Obviously, all litters are different, but these pups are usually waiting to go outside and do their business there, instead of where they sleep/eat at the age of six weeks. Pretty cool, huh?
  • Dogs bred not only for looks and bloodlines, but also for temperament and health. Breeding excellent puppies requires many considerations, and to neglect temperament and health issues to have a perfect looking dog is as bad as breeding dogs that don’t fit the standard for looks. If we keep a pup or acquire a bitch from another breeder, and she’s anything other than awesome with the kids and/or other dogs, we will place her as a pet to a family or person who knows the dog’s problems. We have lost thousands of dollars executing this policy (Pay $2,000 for a champion sired uber-pup that beats up all the other dogs, sell her for $100 as a pet after feeding/vetting/training for nine months to 2 years. . . OUCH!)
  • Honesty. We routinely talk prospective buyers out of a pup that we believe would be, for example, too rambunctious for their small children. If we feel a pup isn’t perfect for you, you can count on us letting you know. Again, we only keep bitches with the very best attitude, cooperativeness, demeanor, etc.. This policy helps ensure that you get a wonderful pet to enjoy for many years.
  • Follow-up. We want to hear from you after you take your pup . . . good, or not. We HIGHLY encourage you to contact us prior to taking your dog to an emergency vet. We can save you, literally, thousands of dollars.