Puppy Pricing

Puppy price is listed on each puppy’s web page

In today’s tough economic times more and more people have to watch their wallets and are concerned about price. However, I caution that the initial price is not always the only thing to be looking at. As the old saying goes, “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.” All of our puppies are born in the kitchen or bedroom.  Right up around the family from birth, as a family pet should be.  Not in a Kennel, garage or barn.  Puppies raised in commercial facilities with 50 or more dogs are lucky to see a human every couple of days — their food, water, and cleaning is usually automatic.  I would not expect to pay much for a puppy from a place like that. Those places deal in volume, and probably prefer to just wholesale the pups out to a broker or pet store.

Our puppies are in the middle of the house getting a lot of attention and used to seeing humans constantly.  They get used to the hustle and bustle of our kitchen, to the cat coming by and mocking them, and the comings and goings of a busy household. They get handled at least 6 to 10 times a day to be let outside. . . much more work for us, but a far more socialized and easy-to-crate-train puppy for you.

Typical Per Puppy expenses

*$100 Hernia surgeries are also occasionally needed.
*$20 Micro-chipping
*$15-20 Vaccinations
*$10-15 Worm preventative
*$280 Coccidia preventative (Marquise) per tube (treats about 2-3 litters)
*$30-50 Vet check up per puppy, depending on which vet we have to use.

*$45 per bag Purina Pro Plan food, so that they get a good start at life with proper nutrition. I don’t care what other breeders “say” they feed, and even what little packets they hand out with the puppy. You can’t feed $45 dollar a bag dog food to your mothers and puppies and charge $200 for the puppies!

Advertising, is also very expensive. However, it is probably how you found our website, and why you are looking at this web page right now.

We also have professional quality pictures for which the equipment was a very expensive investment. It also takes much longer to do our photos and website than most other breeders are willing to do.

We start with very high quality breeding stock. While looks aren’t everything, they sure are nice. You want a dog you can be proud of, one that looks like it’s supposed to, that conforms with the AKC standard.

I have seen Puggles being advertised on the internet for as low as $200.  I know of an Amish Breeder that sells them in Indiana for $200.  Comparing us to them is like comparing  Apples to Oranges.

How can they do this?  It’s the economy of scale.  When you look at the online ads and if you can click “Show all ads for breeder”, these are often the breeders that have 30-80 other puppies for sale, many litters, many breeds.  You should be extremely skeptical of a breeder with 30 or more puppies for sale at one time.  There’s no way those babies are getting any attention.

In order to have that many puppies at any given time, those breeders have to have 50-400 or more ADULT BREEDING DOGS. They are 100% pure puppymills.  Those puppies are being grown like chickens used for food, in tiny cages or kennels.  No thought to the care of the parents or puppies.  Once the puppy goes, they don’t care what happens to it.

We love and care for all of our dogs. Our dogs are all fed Premium Purina foods, raw meat/egg supplements for health, and lots of whole fat plain yogurt. They are all current on their vaccinations and worming schedule.

Our female dogs are not “over bred” to death. 4 litters is the most we allow before the mother is spayed. This approach requires the constant acquisition of new animals.

All the parents live in our house, but spend plenty of time outdoors too. They are HAPPY dogs, raised ‘free-range’.  Everybody in our area know where we live because of all the dogs running out in the field, unlike most breeders. . . where the kennels or barn are hidden out back.

Purchasing from a large breeder (puppy mill) supports a life of misery for the parent dogs. Few people would want that on their conscience. However, out of site, out of mind. No one really cares after they see the cute little puppy. That is how the Puppy mills continue to operate.

At the end of it all, taking into consideration all of the expenses, the thing that goes unmentioned is the amount of work required by having the pups in our home. Our friends and neighbors all think we’re crazy. It’s pretty noisy some of the time (OK, a lot of the time). There is no 8 hour work day. Brad gets up at around 4 am every day to get things going. He answers the phone whenever it rings, even on vacation, when eating a meal, or watching TV. Cleaning is a constant activity. The work never stops throughout the day, and really isn’t done until late in the evening. In fact, the work is never done, but we love it. Having loving dogs in our home at all times has become a way of life, and working with new people every day to complete their family with a wonderful fur buddy is very rewarding. We look forward to speaking with you soon.